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The 10 Tips for Your trip to Boston

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The purpose of this article is to help you best prepare for your trip to Boston by summarizing the main steps to follow. Visit Airport Limo Service

Here are the 10 commandments to prepare your trip to Boston!

You will choose your plane flight to Boston first

It really depends on when you leave.

If you are going on a tourist period (French school holidays in particular), take your plane tickets as soon as possible, that is between 8 and 12 months before your trip.

If you are going in a slower period, you can afford to wait for offers and promotions as I given in my article Boston Travel Promos. But hey, it's a bit random, because nothing will say that the promotions will arrive. So, if you want to insure or have a stressed temper, take your tickets early too. Finally, those who like risk, you can wait until the last moment.

  • Which airline to choose?
  • At what price?
  • Leaving from Paris or other cities?

You will find accommodation in keeping with your budget and your desires

The accommodation must really match your desires and especially your budget.

In Boston, it is possible to stay in a hotel, a hostel, an apartment hotel or an apartment, and of course in any neighborhood.

I created a tool to make your life easier. Tell us when and how much you are leaving, the type of accommodation you would like to find and the average budget you plan to spend on it. My team and I will then find the best possible offers for you, free of charge! Help me find accommodation!

You will make a Planning to optimize your stay in Boston

The schedule. Should you make one or navigate the streets of Boston at random??

Personally, I strongly recommend that you make one, so that you don't forget anything, because as you can imagine, there are 10,000 things to do and see in Boston.

Once you are in Boston, of course nothing will require you to keep to the minute, and for example to modify it according to the weather and your desires.

But I think it would still be a shame not to make one.

Regarding the schedules, I have concocted different types depending on the number of days you stay in Boston but also according to your priorities and your desires.

You will take a maximum of reservations before leaving

As I said in the previous paragraph, a trip to Boston is preparing!!!

And precisely to arrive there without stress, I sincerely advise you to book the maximum of things before leaving.

Arrive in Boston and tell you: I'm going to take out my voucher because my Shuttle is waiting for me. Then tomorrow, at my first attraction, I will take my Boston City Pass with my reservation. Then we will take a helicopter tour on Tuesday at 2 p.m. and the Lion King show on Thursday at 8 p.m.

So, which do you prefer?

Personally, I turn to 200% towards option 2 because there will be zero stress and zero time lost, but on the other hand only moments to make the most of your stay!!!

Then don't forget to book either:

- The SN Limo Service when you are there

You will browse the blog to find plans for Stay

On my blog, I tried to give as much information as possible for everyone.

Finally, you can browse all the good plans with in particular:

  • Cultural tips to not miss anything about Boston culture
  • Great walking tips because there are some really nice ones in Boston
  • Good restaurant plans and note cool places on your schedule
  • Good rooftop bars
  • Tips for people with disabilities to discover Boston in the best possible conditions
  • Good plans to go with a baby, a child and a teenager to take care of them and take care of them at best
  • Good girly tips for very girlish girls!!!
  • Good baking tips for gourmets
  • Good photo plans for photography enthusiasts
  • Romantic tips for those who want to surprise their sweetheart
  • Good shopping plans for those who want to heat the credit card
  • Good plans for shows to experience magnificent events both on Broadway and in stadiums and concert halls
  • Good sports plans whether to practice or go to see matches
  • Cheap deals in Boston

You will think of the GO Boston guide and the Mobile Application

I created my own paper guide, which is called GO Boston and which is really innovative, practical and useful before, during and after his stay in Boston!!! For the moment, it is going pretty well and I have only positive feedback ... which motivates me more to continue on this path.

I also developed an application that works on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android that makes it easier to prepare for your stay as well as the trip itself.

This application is 100% offline, that is to say that it can be used without having to connect to the internet.

It allows many things like geo locating in Boston in order to find places around you but also to be able to enter your own places on the map Like Limo Service Near me.

You will think about Boston activities in French

I also created activities in Boston under the name of Boston in French.

The concept is to make Boston discover differently and off the beaten track with one of my guides who is 100% professional, friendly, smiling and passionate. Because yes these are my visits and my guides so if you like my blog, you will like my visits. 🙂

Not without laughing, these tours really allow you to discover the city differently with a really nice guide and close to you. They are done collectively or privately, and for me they are just essential.

You will say that it is normal for me to say that, because it was I who created them. 🙂 🙂

You should remember to check your suitcases before leaving for Boston

Before you fly and leave home, be sure to check that you haven't forgotten anything.

I just created an article for this Recap of what not to forget just before leaving home to take the plane ...

You will save some money before leaving

As you probably already know, we are not going to Boston with 3 kopecks unfortunately.

It is true that a certain budget is required for flights, accommodation, visits, attractions, outings and shopping.

So, it's true that the more comfortable you are on a budget, the more you can have fun on the spot.

You will take the time in Boston

When you arrive on Boston soil, take the time to sit on a bench in a park in order to watch Bostoners come and go. You will be able to see how they are dressed, what is their behavior, what do they do with their dog… in short I think it is very important to take the time to detach a little from the hyper tourist places to see real life Boston and especially not always have your head down. Really take the time to open your eyes.

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